Smooth Space

Looking Up · 2017

Smooth Space

This ongoing body of work is concerned with the idea of smooth space (as defined by Deleuze and Guattari in A Thousand Plateaus) in relation to today’s society and urban public space.

I was struck by the idea that there could be an insidious desire for public spaces to appear as though they are smooth when in fact they are striated, that is, governed by rules. This would enable the control of people’s behaviour even in spaces where they perhaps believe themselves to be autonomous.

This line of thinking led me to create a fictional company, Smooth Space, and its founder, Tom. 
The company explores a new take on the traditional wall: rather than being imposing and disruptive to the spaces they occupy, Smooth Space walls present passers–by with the image they would expect to see — thus the walls appear as though they are not there. Such instances are considered through careful, detailed drawing, and the resulting works are an uncanny portrayal of our own daily realities.