Black Water Jug

This form is thrown in two parts on the wheel before being assembled, with a generous pouring spout added. A handle is pulled from the body of the jug to complete it. Painted in layers of black slip, the piece is then fired and finally coated in a glassy green glaze, giving depth of colour to the dark surface. Lovely for filling with water for the table, or as a vessel for cut flowers.

Thrown to roughly the same proportions, the jugs are then sometimes embellished with slip detailing, making each individual. If you would like to buy multiple with the same or no slip details, please email me to enquire.

Available at The House

Height ~21-23cm
Width ~12cm at widest point
Capacity ~575ml to just below spout

Currently I only post my work within the UK. If you are interested in purchasing my work but live elsewhere, please get in contact so we can discuss shipping/customs costs.