Spike Jug

A sculptural jug-like piece with spiky protrusions across its body, made by applying slip to the pot before the piece is glazed. The surface is extremely tactile and the spikes are softened somewhat by the layer of glaze that coats them.

The multiple openings around the top portion of the vase encourage large, playful arrangements.

This piece explores my continued interest in hostile architecture as it is encountered in public spaces, specifically surface spikes and their intriguing ability to appear as attractive, innocuous design details at first glance, despite their hostile intent.


Height ~17.5cm
Width ~12cm at widest point

Currently I only post my work within the UK. If you are interested in purchasing my work but live elsewhere, please get in contact so we can discuss shipping/customs costs.

Image of a blue jug with a spiky surface and one handle. The jug sits on a few planks of green MDF, all offset from one another to create steps. It is in the center of a very bright shaft of sunlight.
Wildflowers and grasses growing through the railings on Hove Lawns in late June