Double Chamber Vase

Another vase in my ongoing multi-spouted series, inspired by the railings throughout Brighton & Hove, and the way plants and grasses grow up and around them during the summer months.

Formed of two chambers which are able to hold water separately, this vase encourages floral displays which span and wrap around the height of its body. A series of spouts and smaller openings are arranged to house different sized stems and cuttings, creating the means for a really bounteous display. Once full, the vase sits quietly among the flowers, its details visible in glimpses through the plants. I like a mix of dried and fresh flowers, so have filled the top chamber with water and left the bottom empty.

The surface of this work has been decorated using a technique of trailing slip (liquid clay) to form patterns in relief, which are then subsequently softened under layers of glaze.

A substantial foot gives this piece a nice weight and keeps it sturdy on a flat surface.

Currently on display in Devonshire Collective Presents at Port Hotel, Eastbourne

Height ~36.5cm
Width ~17cm at widest point

Currently I only post my work within the UK. If you are interested in purchasing my work but live elsewhere, please get in contact so we can discuss shipping/customs costs.